Frames OS just got... temporarily discontinued?

TL;DR I want to make game

A few days ago, I got a cool game idea, and I'm going to start working on that for a bit. While I do that I won't be doing anything with frames os, so there will be no updates for a while.
Just wanted to let yall know.

I might even post a devlog or something idk

SnipOS shall reign superior.

it will when you make file systems and proper multitasking and put executables in files

It kinda already is superior, Multitasking is capable, and more apps support it now. File systems are here.


we'll see soon
you'll have another competitor
after I finish...

Are you going to leave the team, it's pretty weird for a software competitor to be working at their rival's group.

people aren't "software competitors", people are people and make whatever

I understand that, (not saying he would, but in general.) If somebody from a competing company works at your company, they could steal your company's ideas and use them before they do.

if everything goes downhill ill rejoin
but for now I'm staying until my os is released


its gonna be epic
its gonna be so epic I'm gonna have enough money to buy all of hyposyn

everything you're writing is public, and the ideas you're talking about for os7 seem to all have been talked about and most done in some form before you've released it. anyone can also take it after release too, i'm considering taking os7 so i can make improvements and change it to fit what i'd want

I was talking about it for like big companies, like apple & Samsung.

Not all of the major features have been revealed, think of it as, singles from an upcoming album. :slight_smile:


any time a company makes a commonly used open source project or make a standard, it's in a way working for other companies since they will ABSOLUTELY take advantage of that.
if you mean individual people, that's a limit of human ability. why would someone try to keep two jobs half the time instead of just doing the one full time? it would get very confusing.