Frame rate

Managed to finish this but it has a PHENOMONOMLY bad frame rate does anyone know how i can fix it?
Snap! colour picker (

snap is very slow, snapforks exists, it compiles your projects to javascript (from what i think), hopefully the snap devs use it as a better project runner (snap already might be using javascript to run projects, i dont wanna view into the source code rn)

Remove the "warp" from top level scripts.
This script limit execution to 2 FPS
colour picker script pic

Also, hitboxes for sliders do not work at all. Make the slider knob a sprite and test for touch.

On that note, do not use any kind of block that waits (wait until, forever, wait () secs, etc) in a warp block. If you need a script inside a forever loop to be warped, put the warp block inside the forever block.