Fosdem 2023

There's a big event happening this weekend in Brussels this weekend

Check out Sunday - all times are CET which is UTC+1 -e.g starts at 9am over there - 8am in UK

am i late

Microblocks starts in 15 minutes - 10:00 UTC


18001767679 says that he is watching(I dont quite want to watch this lol)

He's handsome
bromagosa playing some music

hey you no covering cam

Snap starting in 1 minute


Just knew that you prounounce j as /j/(as in yip,yeet) in (whereever jadga is)
"y"adga drawing flower

nice jens

By the way Brussels is the capital of Europe, and Belgium, but also of Flanders …

… although there is some controversy about this

Flanders is the northern, mostly Dutch-speaking part of Belgium; the mayority of Brussels dwellers speak French; Brussels is a separate administrative entity; nevertheless the regional government of Flanders resides in Brussel - tldr: like everything in Belgian politics, it’s complicated :slight_smile:

Flemish colleges organize an interesting yearly programming competition for students and professionals affiliated with Flanders.

There are 4 levels of problems to be solved (from high school through master students and up). Each team of 3 will try to solve 5 problems of their appropriate level within 3 hours, sharing a single laptop. The problems are published afterwards, and by now - the first edition was in 2011 - it has grown into a formidable collection, that Snap! users may want to challenge their own problem solving and coding skills with. The text of the problems are in Dutch; for non-Dutch speakers: download the {problem name}.pdf file and run it through Google Translate. It’s worthwhile.

Here is a link to the collection of problems

GitHub - vlaamseprogrammeerwedstrijd/opgaves: Opgaves van de voorbije jaren

I was the devroommanager together with Kathy Giori of the FOSS Educational Programming Languages Devroom.

I was very impressed by Jadga her demonstration of what she calls microworlds. Playing with that idea just now.

Thank you, Peter and Kathy for organizing this wonderful devroom! Here's the Microworld project Jadga and I were using for our talk: FlowerWorld

Note that we used Emojis as block labels, and we increased their scale to make the blocks more accessible - you can edit the blocks to find out how :wink:

Also note that the project has 4 scenes, which we used for "language levels" (TM)

That's really clever. Finally I know how it was done. :smiley: I tried a lot but couldn't get it to work.