Forums and main website

There are two Snap domains - and
The forum header is bigger and friendlier, and you can't check your messages on the main website.
I think both websites should use the same header.

Yes, I'd also like them to look the same. The reason they don't is that the forum is someone else's software and modifying it to look the same isn't at the top of the priority list.

We could certainly make the font bigger on the snap page navigation banner; that'd be a relatively easy change, right, @bromagosa?

If one of the two is using weird font sizing, it's the forum:


1.1487, really? :man_shrugging:

the first sentence sounds like you wanna have a system like scratch

I totally understand this person. Everybody has favorite numbers :slight_smile: (like 3.14159)

why not do arial or roboto

Being as I am old and farsighted, I totally understand the virtues of a large font size, unlike @bromagosa, who's a youth. Luckily, this is something I can adjust in my browser.

I think it would be much, much, much better if the forum looked like part of the web site instead of looking like some third-party thing we just link to. So if that's what "like Scratch" means, I'm all for it.

But we're so busy putting out fires that there's no time for frills like re-skinning the forum. Scratch had their complete site all worked out before they put anything online. We've been rolling out site features with users waiting to complain about each one. :~/

What you meant to say is, "Why not use a serif font, like Baskerville, so the page will actually be readable? Good question!

actually i did mean something like that

There are always going to be some differences between the sites, because they are very different tools, but I think the font size is a reasonable change, though it's a pretty low priority.

I suspect this is set as a multiple of a base via JS.

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