down for many hours this morning

This morning, the domain returned a 502 Nginx error, and at one point, an error that mentioned the forum software being down. This happened for at least 5 hours (I checked once at 6A.M. Central Time, and again at 8A.M. Central Time, and then again at about 11:35A.M.). However, now it appears that the site is back online.

Did anyone else experience this? Just me?

Yeah! me too! something must have happened to the servers ig

i wasnt online because i forgot snap was a thing but im honestly not surprised this happened, judging how many times the main site went down in like october

It reminds me of how people thought Roblox was shutting down last Halloween. wait what if- OMG!! Snap! is shutting down on January 1st, 2023!! imagine though lol.


omg you did the rare forum bug!!


where you post something that's under 5 characters

thats not rare.


werent you the one that showed me this?


oh maybe i forgot lol


yes, this happened to me as well

this addition to the forum might have been the cause.

Me too! Logged in around 7 or 8am CST and returned a 502 error, I gave up after trying to solve it.

The forum layout is different now, so I presume that there was an update of the software. Sorry for the lack of notice!

We ran out of space in the forum instance. This has nothing to do with the community site, which runs a different software and in a different instance altogether. The forum having been updated afterwards is just a coincidence :slight_smile:

Sorry about that!

Oh, makes sense. Thank you for keeping us in the loop!