Forum Role-Playing Game (Part 1)

Alright. You're at the foot of the mountain.

Can I take rocks from here, or do I need to scale the mountain?

Yes, you can take rocks.

How much can I carry? I'll take the rocks.

We'll just say you can take as many as you like, within reason.

I follow baritone

Alright. You're following @bluebaritone21 now.

You want a mat? I have two extras!


We'll say it does 10 DEF. (I made this up on the spot, but basically DEF is % of damage removed. So with your 10 DEF, you'll receive 10% less damage. Your DEF can't go above 100.)

So, 100 DEF makes you completely immune to damage?

Yeah. You can only have 1 armor at a time, so you can't just equip 10 mats and be completely invulnerable.

How far is it to The Forest Village?

I'll say you do it in 2 events. (If you want)

Okay, cool.

What do you mean?

(I am confused.)

Nevermind. I'll start walking back.

Do you want to go to the village?

Yes, please.