Forum data is mysteriously gone

Apparently all my forum stats were reset from the perspective of other users about half an hour ago. They're not actually gone, though, as I can still see the correct stats from u/helicoptur/summary.
Is this a bug, a mistake, or an intentional choice by a moderator? If the latter, why?

Not a deliberate choice. Anyone else have this problem?

(It's a real problem -- I see the "This is the first time helicoptur has posted" banner above your post -- so I'm not asking about other people because I don't believe you!)

With the helicoptur account - yes i see "first time" banner

Thanks, but I meant, have anyone else's data disappeared?

Maybe related to Forums PFP Api - #10 by earthrulerr experiments

Ah, interesting, could be. Thanks.

Huh? Wait so I talked about API and someone somehow gained special permissions to the API and did this? :open_mouth::face_with_hand_over_mouth: sorry

I no longer see that message. I am guessing it was a Discourse bug. Or maybe just a temporary glitch that caused the banner to appear.

What about the second stats page and stuff?

I looked into this, and found that the post that says it's your first post, was made with some new account named @һelicoptur, not @helicoptur, the difference is, the h in the new account username is not the standard "h" unicode character, it's decimal value is 1211, but the "h" character is 104. Somehow when you created that post, it created a new account. See for yourself.

I still see the banner.

So... this is either a very weird and convoluted bug with Discourse that made it split my account into a new one with a different first character for one post for some reason, or someone is trying to impersonate me. Leaning towards the latter, since that account has read time and has viewed six topics, even though I was never actively logged into it.
@bh could you delete the account @һelicoptur (click the mention)? Either way, nothing good can come of it.

The first letter is actually slightly different (Һ - Wiktionary), but discourse seems to render it as the same one.

It might be possible for @bh to check the IPs of the two accounts.

it's the font that the forum uses, and also it's һ not Һ (and I did search it up, I just didn't bother to say anything about it)

wait, h һ

Done. It wasn't a bug, it was someone showing off.

I can delete the second account @helicoptur

But, this isn't a forum bug -- there are two Snap!Cloud accounts with the same names. Interestingly, the forum font is Arial, and the Snap!Cloud (on my machine) defaults to Helvetica which does render the two h's differently.