Forum breaks when dark mode is enabled **for your DEVICE**

The forum breaks when you enable dark mode on your device and enable dark mode on the forums

Looks fine for me.

Cant reproduce, using dark mode on device and dark mode on forum.

I couldn’t reproduce it either

In the theme settings, enable automatic dark theme mode color scheme.

(I'm on my phone right now)

that was already on

@starbox614 chromebook?

I was on Iphone when I tested it.
I'll test on Mac


it seems to work properly on Mac with Chrome.


Doesn't appear on Chromebook either for me

that doesnt help

this doesnt help me at all

Wdym? It seems like it's only happening to you. I tried to replicate this "bug" on every device I own and it doesn't show up. Plus, bug reports about the Snap! Forum are never solved here, you should instead report it on the Discourse forum.