Forkphorus for Snap.

Is there something like forkphorus, but for Snap?

Hi, welcome to the forum!

No, we don't have a separate player. But of course you can fake it by starting a project in presentation mode.

Maybe I should make one.
:point_right: :point_left:
Plan: uses the embed mode from snap and asks for author and name of project then runs the embed

Hmm... :thinking:

I'm making a program on github called snapcups and I need some help with some javascript: something that mashes some inputs together

textarea 1
textarea 2
<iframe src=" textarea 1 +&user=+ textarea 2+&showTitle=true&showAuthor=true&editButton=true&pauseButton=true
<input id='txt1' required placeholder='project name'>
<input id='txt2' required placeholder='user name'>
<iframe src='' id='if'></iframe>
<button type='submit' onclick='submit()'>View</button>
function submit(){

BTW,you don't need textareas everytime you want an input.Use input if the required input only one line.

Thanks I’ll test that later on.