forever if <>

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no,that will block the thread.try using the launch block outside the forever loop

how about you put the block inside a launch block like this?
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ok then

I believe Sean was right in the first place. The old Scratch FOREVER IF block did not let you spawn lots of simultaneous threads; FOREVER IF (TRUE) did exactly the same thing as FOREVER without the IF.

And it's not just "Scratch did it so it's right." Consider the case FOREVER IF (KEY UPARROW PRESSED). Since it's a mere human being pressing the key, if the block kept testing the condition, it would be True for thousands or millions of cycles! You don't want the code in the C-slot to run a zillion times; you want it once per key press.

boolean needs to be of type boolean (unevaluated) and it needs to be called inside the if.

Oh lord. Thank you. I guess I'm not really awake yet.

Yeah it's like that

Wait now you are here as well

And wait i like among us as well

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does not work this way. Condition is tested and code executed at least 60 times per second.

untitled script pic (11) is fired only a few times a second accordingly to OS keyboard settings.

And what about the generic "When <>" hat block?

Dunno, probably every display cycle?

I was trying to say that "forever if" is a rough equivalent of generic "when" :wink:

Oh I see. Yes, although generic when has this special rule about not firing after you click Stop. But I guess if you click Stop the forever-if isn't running any more either. Right you are.