forever block doesnt work

it happens in google chrome but would probably do the same in other browser
in snap
in scratch
so i downloaded a the scratch project and i convert it from scratch 3 to a .xml file with snapinator and i import it in to snap editor and it says snapinator project this project has been created by a different app: snapinator and may be in compatible or fail to load here
when i press play it should keep repeat the draw script becuase there is a forever in it but it does not repeat the script

Hi, welcome to Snap!.

This is a complicated program and I'm not going to find all the problems in it. But one problem (and maybe this is a Snapinator bug @djdolphin?) is that Snap! has a costume 0 which is always the turtle shape, so (number) mod 3 in the resolution sprite won't do; it has to be that plus 1, and you have to reorder the costumes to put the last one at the front (3, 1, 2).

In Scratch when I click on that sprite it changes the resolution for a moment and then switches back to high. In Snap! low and medium resolutions work, but high doesn't, so look at that code for a problem.

You have a script that says forever add block at 1 1 1 1. In Scratch for some reason this doesn't create an infininte number of blocks, but seems to max out at 6. I didn't figure out why. In Snap! the list LEVEL BLOCKS keeps growing forever.

That's all I figured out -- start from there and debug!

Yes, costume name/number edge cases are sometimes an issue, but for how rare and simple those cases are to fix (just get rid of the mod block), I don't think they're worth handling in Snapinator.

Other than that one script, the project seems to be working just like the Scratch version, albeit very slowly.

It's not so bad in /dev/.

hi everyone thank you i fixed it