Force interface language via link?

Hi everybody,

I have been working with snap! for a few days now. I have prepared some exercises for my learners which I would like to share with them (German speakers). However, if I share the links with them, the execercises show up in English.

Is there a way to force the display language when sharing, like a ?lang=de sort of thing?

There is, but it doesn't work with loading a project. If you add #lang:<lang id> to the end of the url, it will load snap with that language. However, this is very limited. For some reason, you can't also load a project, and you have to have it at the start of the url parameters. Here's an example of how to use it.

again, I have no idea why you can't load a project with this option. Maybe that should be fixed for the next update.

yep there is, and works pretty much exactly like you think it should, just the syntax is slightly different for url parameters. Instead of the question mark use an ampersand. Here's an example:

note that you can accumulate as many url parameters as you want, and also that their order doesn't matter.

That said I'd like to encourage you very carefully consider "forcing" the display language on your students, or on anyone else. Which language someone wants to read their projects is a personal matter and depends on many things. Some students might be be speaking a different language at home, and some might actually prefer English. Instead, why don't you show them how they can switch to another language themselves and encourage them to do so!

But yes, you can compose a link with a language setting.

Thank you, that worked. I have a very particular target group for which I need to make the Snap! Experience as simple as possible, that's my motive.
Speaking of additional parameters: Is there a way to enter "edit mode" directly via an URL instead of entering "play mode" by default. (Again to keep it simple).

Thank you!

Add &editMode to URL

Great! As @cymplecy has pointed out there are a number of additional settings you can specify, such as &editMode and / or &noRun to further refine how Snap! will open and display your project. Please refer to p. 137 f. of the reference manual.

Thank you both!

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