Font renderer

in theory a font renderer where you can import the text of the font file and display the font should be very possible

Yes, but trying to decode the file is near impossible, unless you know how to, using Snap!'s limitations.

I found something that might be helpful, but I can't quite figure out how to make an object in Snap! without JavaScript.

Also, Uint8arrays and other stuff like that will be very difficult to make, again, without JavaScript.

what does that mean. "make an object"

See this.
This is a summary of what I mean by "objects."

why cant you create an object

You could simulate an object with a list. But you can't really create it. You can only use JSON and make it a list, and you can't utilize the "split with JSON" block by adding another object like Uint8Array.

untitled script pic (2)
untitled script pic (1)

so why cant you use that

This is possible in Snap! 10, I believe there is a library for this

Really? What's the library name?

"fancy stage writing" or something

I'm pretty sure they mean you can import a .ttf / .otf file by the text and read it only using Snap!, not really only system fonts.

oh, didn't someone make that in Scratch?

Not that I know of, do you know the project link?

No, but a while ago I thought i saw someone make something similar on Scratch

Kind of. There is a pen font engine that has an external website that can import font files to be used in the project. The font file is processed in javascript, but the data is put into the scratch project that the project can then read.

Pretty sure someone made a project a while back (using a bit of JS) to read a font, stamp its characters one by one, and make costumes from them.