Follow up question of the snapp: about running it

if i run my snap project that i downloaded that is not an .exe file,
will it harm my pc?

please help!

You can't run a Snap! project except in Snap!.

The Snapp! site, which we don't run, packages your project with node.js and the Snap! Javascript source code, to create a runnable .exe (Windows) or .app (MacOS).

Since we don't run Snapp! and we don't run node.js, we can't absolutely guarantee that the people who do run them won't introduce nefarious malware (or have a security problem allowing someone else to do so), but Snapp! is from our friends at Citilab, so I'm quite confident about it, and node.js is used by everybody, so you'll hear about it if it gets infected.

So if it's your project, I don't think you have to worry. But if it's someone else's project, running it directly on your computer gives it access to your local filesystem, so you'd better trust whoever made the project.

thank you it is my project. but it wont run becuase im on another pc (chromebook witch wont run .exe)
the PC (windows) that i was talking about, i could download it from snap! but not from snapp!

i downloaded the .exe on the windows pc via drive but it said it might be a virus,
i clicked run anyway and it said "error while running, failed to run try to download again.\

so i need to download it from another pc that can run .exe

Yeah, they say that about any executable file that didn't come from Microsoft. But I don't understand the "via drive" part. If you run Snapp! it will download the executable file to your PC.

sorry i ment i downloaded the .exe file from my google drive

But how did it get to your Drive in the first place? From Snapp! on some other PC?

from the pc im using right now (chromebook)

Oh. I don't see why that wouldn't work.

well it did not work i will try agian later today

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