FNF VS Alonzo?

I didn't know what topic to put this in, because there is no other.
Some body already made FNF VS Scratch cat which was my idea first!!! so I thought about FNF Vs Alonzo.
But I don't know if I have permission from the developers about it, because Alonzo is theirs.
So can I make it using Alonzo @bh?
Also, as I said before, DONT FLAG THIS!

You can use Alonzo for everything, because of the Creative Commons license which allows you to use other people's things like books, writings, pictures, sounds, projects, etc.

You can use it WITH THE EXCEPTION that you absolutely have to give credit to the original makers, in this case, just say "I took it from Snap!"

Oh, forgot.
Also, isn't Alonzo scratch, so I would give scratch credit, or both?

Alonzo is Snap material.


The snap team actually got permission from the scratch team to use a modified Gobo as their mascot, which was then named Alonzo. So I can see how you thought you saw alonzo on scratch.


They look very similar,

I like Alonzo better. I mean, the borders are much bigger (or heavier?) which makes it kind of modern-ish and it looks like an actual mascot (Compared to Gobo which has lighter (smaller?) borders and doesn't really look modern, and it looks like someone drew a comic but with a thin pen).

yeah same

Except that Alonzo has a lambda as his hairdo.

This is really annoying. If you do something flag-worthy, people will flag it even though you say not to. Also, I think you've been told three or four times already that there's no need to @ tag me; I read pretty much everything on the forum and I ignore tagging.

I wanted to say this, but I couldn't find the right words.