Flappy Bird Pipes Overlapping

Hi, I am coding a flappy bird game and when the pipes come, they overlap each other. How can I fix this? Thank you! (Also, my pipes are all one sprite cloning each other. There are two costumes, a bottom pipe and a top pipe.)

Can you share your project so we can look at it?

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Hi, welcome to the forum!

I don't know anything about flappy birds, but from the above sentence, I'm guessing that you should use nested sprites to connect the two halves rigidly. See page 9 of the Reference Manual.

If you make sure the bottom pipe is a set distance from the top pipe then it looks good

you could also make it a random number to vary the size of the gap


This is my simplest solution that seems to work without glitches :slight_smile:


it sets the Y Spawn position of a top pipe to a random number and then makes sure the bottom pipe is 300 lower

maybe 300 is a bit overboard, try 150 and changing the sprite size.