Flappy Bird Game (When sprite touches pipes nothing happens)

In the flappy bird type game that I am coding, when the bird touches the green pipes I don't want it to stop the whole game, but instead, I want my main sprite to go to its original position and have the pipes not show up for about 2 seconds (and then continue the game over again). The problem is that nothing happens when my main sprite touches the pipes. Here is the link; https://snap.berkeley.edu/snapsource/snap.html#present:Username=aterani25&ProjectName=Creative%20Project%20Terani

Also, my project includes multiple games, so only look at the sprites that contribute to the flappy bird type game.

Thank you!

Maybe this change would do what you want


BTW I'd try to make Flappy Dog a bit more controllable - its too hard for me!

Okay, thank you! But now the problem is that when I press the EXIT sign the dog and the pipes show up, even though I coded them to not. Here is the link again: https://snap.berkeley.edu/snapsource/snap.html#present:Username=aterani25&ProjectName=Creative%20Project%20Terani
Thank you so much!

Have you fixed it as it works fine for me - takes me back to main screen

Yes, I fixed that problem. The only problem now is that the game is really glitchy. Is there any way to fix that? Thank you!

Just make control of the flappy dog smoother
Make it not drop as fast and make it go up slower when space or mouse clicked