Fix glitches on my game

there's a glitch on my game and sometimes you lose when you do nothing that make you lose in this game. and sometimes when

I didn't you aren't allowed to create, use or even talk about social media on snap.
also, when poop=6686 it only move's x by 10 on sprite 4 but when poop+6685 on spirte 4 want sprite:4 to move -10x if you click the left arrow and move 10x if you click the right arrow

the image is what the variable poop means to let you know. I put this image, so your net confused.
the link at the bottom will take you to the game.

[greenball positions 55a](file:///C:/Users/Liam/Downloads/greenball%20positions%2055a%20(1).html)

Well that's impossible

If you mean virtual reality, then that is impossible in snap

Besides all of that, chat rooms, aka social media, is banned in projects due to the snap team not being able to guarantee that they are moderated (well, they can't moderate the chat rooms).


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