First Day Take A Ways of Snap!con 2021

What an AMAZING and BRILLIANT set of people! I wanted to go to so many sessions. The extra curricular breaks were fantastic. Almost as good as being there. The guitar playing by the fire was extra special in addition to the harmonica playing in the cafe. Looking forward to day 2.

Thanks so much! Looking forward to the rest of the conference too! And hopefully fewer hiccups! :slight_smile:

Thanks! I know, I wanted to be everywhere at once, too. :~)

Where was that?

?? At Snap!Con!

which room, I only attended two events today.

All rooms! In the last session I ended up bouncing around between rooms, which was suboptimal.

which room was


Oh, I dunno, probably in the social session at the end in ohyay.

I'm not 13 yet, I can't use ohyay. D~: I'm really gona miss out on "escape room" tomorrow.

Ohyay won't let you, or parents won't let you?

For what it's worth, I'm sure ohyay doesn't really care. They just have to say they aren't for kids under 13 to avoid having to follow all the special privacy laws for kids.

Ohyay in either TOS or privacy policy(Privacy policy I think.)

the fireside room. Ohyay. It was pretty cool.

Sad... I'm really gona miss out because I can't use ohyay D~:

Welp, I couldn't join the "Escape room" event... :~(
I hope everyone else had a good time :~)

Someone mentioned (I think it was earlier in the day) about making an extension for Snap that allows working with 3D graphics instead of 2D. Does anyone know who it was (or if you're reading this)? I have a prototype of a similar idea we're looking into for NetsBlox and would love to compare notes or collaborate.

I believe they were referring to

Well, about reimplementing it, because the existing beetleblocks is too different inside to become an official Snap! extension.

Ah, then that's a different direction than what I'm going for, but I'd be interested to see how that'll work.