First class sprites?

Value of a variable?
set [test] to (object [myself]) Yes
Item of a list?
my [other sprites] Yes
Input for an expression?
tell (object [oven]) to [cook pizza]) Yes
Result of an expression?
my [parent] Yes
Exist without a name?
//Every sprite has a name No; it actually means a sprite doesn't need to be assigned to a variable.

Sigh. Yes, you're right, that isn't clear. Technically, it should say a first class datum can exist without having an external name. The thing every sprite has is an internal name. (Although if I wanted to quibble I could point out that temporary clones don't have their own internal name.)

I never before knew that temporary clones don't have names. I expected: image, but I got image.

you know, there's a block for getting a sprite's name...

How do you get that flat design with block outlines?

coming up in the next release :slight_smile:

I looked in _ of _, but I didn't think to look in my _ and use ask _ for _.

Yeah that whole set of blocks needs some cleanup.