Firefox on Ubuntu 22.04 and 23.10 is useless because installed by snap!

I was bussy the past year developing one Racket package for elementary school kids, math-quiz. A few days ago it was completed to the level I considered polished enough to install it as a package on Racket-lang package server. Just to make sure it works everywhere, I installed several Linux distributions, just for testing. Program was developed on Mint Linux, so I knew it works there (what I'm interested in is html documentation for math-quiz, and help desk for Racket itself opening in Firefox), and the result of my testing was as follows:
Mint Cinnamon: both math-quiz, and Racket Help desk work
Fedora Gnome: both work
Manjaro Plasma: both work
Debian Gnome: both work
Ununtu Gnome (22.04 & 23.10): NOTHING WORKS! Firefox refuses to open local files, rendering my math-quiz and the whole Racket useless!
I spent one day, trying to find out, mostly asking questions on the net, why Firefox does not open local files. That turned out to be the wrong question, because most answers were "check your files", and change some settings in Firefox.
Then I asked on Racket group, and finally got the right answer, that boils down to one word: SNAP!
They could not help me with solution, but I found one myself.
I Installed a new version of Firefox directly from apt. Finally I had to enter:
snap disable firefox
and after that, finally, docs in math-quiz, and Help desk in Racket both work.

That practically renders snap based Ubuntu useless to me.

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This a forum about Snap! the programming language not snap the linux packaging system :slight_smile:

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My bad. Sorry about that.

No problem - best spam we've had this month :slight_smile:

There are several ways to force Firefox to install as a deb in Debian w/ bad decisionsUbuntu.

By the way, you mean Canonical's snap package man. This is Snap!, an educational programming language.

R/lost snap users?

I’ll admit this made me crack up

snap haters. NO-ONE likes the Snap package manager.

Perhaps, in order to prevent any further confusion, Snap! (the educational programming language) ought to be renamed, e.g.:


@jens may like that, and it is reminiscent in the spirit of the original “ByoB’.

and it would be "spirited" if not "spiritual" :smiley: