Fire balls

Hey there! I need help with this. There is a piece of candy that you have to touch and once you touch it, then you get fireball powers. But the problem is I want the fire ball to go in a straight line across the screen but I cant find a way to.

Can you give us a link to the project?

and its in the fire ball sprite

The way to link a post is like this:
h ttps://

Otherwise, it just links to the main snap ! website.

this should be the right one. The others aren't working. So what you can do is just press this link, then it will tell you that the link isnt correct. But then you can just press on the creative freedom project.

Sorry, you may need to publish it first.
Go to
then click on your project.
At the right should be a button called 'share'. Click it and the link will work or it will give you a link.

is it shared

Great, did it give you a link?

That still doesn't work. Maybe @bh can help?
I have to go away now, but I'll try and help with the project when I can!

To make the fireball move, try using:

repeat 50 times
change x by 10

instead of the glide block.
That will destroy both, though.
If you want it just to destroy one, you can use:

repeat until <touching "bad guy minions"> or <touching "backpack">
change x by 10

Hope that helped,

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Thank you soooooo much!

That's OK. Good game!