Find Items In List

Snap! 6.9.2 Build Your Own Blocks This block will report a list of results that match your search from the input list.

Could you post an example? I can't tell from your description what it's supposed to do.


I don't understand either. From what I get, it searches a given list for an item? Why can't you use the [scratchblocks]⌸ contains [] ::list :: boolean[/scratchblocks]?

It says it isn't shared.

It works, its just that compiling makes it so fast it doesn't give results. It is fixed now.

It gives you relevant search results from a list. Like if you have an item named "Joecooldoo" and another one "jjjis123", if you search j both of the items will appear. If you search s "jjjis123" will appear. If you search o, my username will appear.

Screenshot (238)

It is shared

Link not working for me either


That is a giant block definition: