Find a block in your project

OK. (What I meant was, are the black labels readable on a zebra-colored block? But whatever.)

Here is the compromised reporter :slight_smile:


Updated to handle searching for plain text


I thought this would be handy for finding broadcasts their corresponding when I receive blocks but the block can't find hats

So, as a workaround, I'm going to add a comment block whenever I come across a receiver so that I can find them in future


Hi @cymplecy, find your block here. Can we find a way to see whether we can find a custom block used inside another custom block? I just posted a question trying to solve that problem, and searching the forum to see whether anything has been done, I came across your post. It's a very nice script, however, I think it won't look inside all the custom blocks, am I right? This requires us to be able to peek inside the block programmatically.

Having a play around - my blocks seems to have all the custom blocks at the beginning of the list

On a test project - item 5 had a custom block and this little script seems to be able to dig into its contents

costumeFromMatrixFont script pic

I'll leave the details to you - just don't have the time at the moment to go down this rabbit hole :slight_smile:

can you like give us a project link or something pls

Brilliant, @cymplecy
Exactly what I am looking for.

You can drag and drop the image into an open Snap! project.

no? its old and doesnt have xml in its metadata

ohhhh sorry.