Finch Robot

I am attempting to use the Obstacle Sensors on the Finch robot to follow an object; i.e., if there is no obstacle the Finch stops, but if it senses an obstacle it moves forward; think of a duckling following it's mother. The Obstacle Sensors don't seem to work in this configuration. Am I doing something wrong or is this not possible? I assume it should be possible when looking at the "door alarm" sample where when the door opens (no longer an obstacle) the alarms and lights go off. Thanks for any help.

What feature are you requesting?

I posted to the wrong category I guess. Sorry for the trouble.

No worries.

It should work. Are you saying the door alarm does work with your robot? (Maybe there's a hardware problem on your particular one.)

Anyway, I'll pass this along to BirdBrain.

This is doable, you just have to slow the robot way down, because the Finch 1 can only see 1-4 inches in front of it. I am including some sample code just in case anyone else sees this post and is curious.