FINALLY! Reverse Codification!

After several hours of work, I finally finished my reverse codification project!
Anything inside of an apostrophe is considered a value. Anything without an apostrophe is considered another block. Note that there is only a small amount of things that you can't do with this.
There are still a few bugs I need to fix.

pretty cool!

Thanks! I put a lot of effort into this project!

It's great!

BTW magenta isn't a color I like, but...


I don't like it either. I'm going to change it.
EDIT: Done.

Green is way better.

Can you figure out why I can put only one letter or number into an input? Because anything more than one will glitch.

In the text that turns into a block?

No, if you put text with length greater than one it will glitch.

Like go to x: ("45") y: ("23")?


I'll see.

Edit: I seem to have fixed it, but at the same time introduced another bug:

Send the project. I know how to fix it.

BTW was it a simple fix?

All I did was change this:
Screenshot (243)
into this:
Screenshot (244)
in the CODE block.

OK, I’ll fix it after I finish piano lessons.

BTW why the "features" tag?


I mean how is reverse-codification a feature of Snap!?

Well it has to do with codification, which is a feature of Snap.