"Share your Advanced CS Projects" subcategory

In terms of hard math (and/or advanced CS) being used in them, some projects are in my humble opinion just too advanced for (and/or intimidating to) majority of users; not only for beginners among us.

Can, please, such projects have their own subcategory, for example, "Share your Advanced CS Projects", or something similar?

Feel free to put them in the CS category...

I wasn't asking for my own projects (as I don't think they contain such an advanced CS to be intimidating to beginners, anyway). What I had in mind were other people's advanced projects, for example like this, or this.

I see. Hmm, pros and cons...

Pro: Keep those projects away from beginners.

Con: Encourage kids to write those projects, feeding Jens's anger on the subject.

We'll talk about it, I guess.

My intention was not to keep the advanced projects away from beginners, but to make clear that that's not the norm/expectation/rule for the category.

In other words, let's not set the bar (too) high in the category; let's, instead, add an additional room ( = subcategory).

P. S.
That way you can have both - the Pros and the Cons - mentioned by you above.

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