Final Project

So I was trying to make the yellow sprite to disappear when receives the 'touch' signal (which occurs after 'Sprite Hit' Variable is 3) however, it disappears when the ball hits the sprite. When I check the value of the sprite hit variable, it comes up as 1, but it still disappears. How do I fix this? I also used the 'broad cast and wait' block, but it produces the same result.

Also, since this is a project of mine for school, I'm sorry but I don't feel comfortable sharing it!

Probably the problem is that the code in that highlighted forever is run over and over, because after the script finishes, the ball is still touching this sprite! You have to make it not run again until the two aren't touching.

Can you please clarify what you mean by that?

Something like this:

You want to be sure "touching Ball" event only increases once (as Brian has said). You can "wait until not touching Ball" or you can do other actions (like moving that sprite away...)


Ohh thank you very much!

If this is a school project, don't forget to acknowledge where you got help in the code...