Filtering pixels (to make them brighter)

I wonder if it would be possible to filter pixels (similarly to this project) from the screenshot (EDIT: yes, the border around the two words) to make them brighter?

Any ideas?


Below is the result to compare with original above:

I'd try converting the pixels of the costume from RGBA into HSVA representation and then doing your filtering based on those criteria

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Well, first try to make your criteria slightly less fuzzy. I take it we're talking about the cyan pixels to the right of the black pixels? Like, the cyan vertical to the right of the letter l?

I imported your picture to Photoshop to look at the color values. (You can do it in Snap! too, since we have the "color at" block.) The leftmost l (that's a lower case L) is
R 56, G 111, B 146; H 203, S 62, V 57.
The second one is
R 84, G 141, B 171; H 201, S 51, V 67.
The third and last one is
R 62, G 127, B 170; H 204, S 64, V 67.

So, I agree with @cymplecy that the obvious criteria are H∈[195,210] and V∈[50,70]. This is too bad, because what you're given is an array of RGBA values, not HSVA. But you can use the Colors library blocks to convert: First
preloaded libraries script pic
with the pixel (a list of four values) in the open slot. Then use
preloaded libraries script pic
or individual values preloaded libraries script pic (1), preloaded libraries script pic
to do the testing.

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You want to process blue border? Or the area inside?
And You do not try to recover dark pixels under border?

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@cymplecy Thank you for the general guideline about converting RGBA to HSVA.

@dardoro Yes, only the 'border' (around the two words); sorry for not giving a precise description to start with.

@bh Thank you for your suggestion to use the blocks from Colors library.

Below is, more or less, what I was aiming for.

I have to admit I've arrived at the criteria producing the results, again, more or less using trial-and-error method ;~P