Filled 3D

Does anyone know an easy way to make this 3D engine filled? (I'm bad at math lol)

Hidden surface detection is the hardest part of 3d. You probably cannot do it without opengl.


Well, you can't do it at speed without OpenGL. But OpenGL isn't written in OpenGL, so it must be possible without it. :~)

how would it be written in itself?

It wouldn't, that's my point. So everything OpenGL can do, can also be done in whatever language OpenGL is implemented in.

yeah, I know,

Which is not snap or JS, (it's probably C) so that doesn't really help.

I can't really provide any help myself but realtime surface drawing is possible in Scratch (and therefore should be possible in Snap!), and the person that posted the following example goes into a brief summary of how the 3D cube is drawn.


@spaceflyer234, here's a project I created some time ago that draws Platonic Solids in 3D... (non-interactive, but clicking the green flag loads one of the five platonic solids randomly).