fill background in old projects

This msg comes from Xavier ,a 80 years old french followers.
I started with Byob from ...(2011 ?),then Snap! (2014 ?) ...and now I have left you, just
admiring your wonderfull success and achievement
By the way many of my exposed projects are failing due to this error msg "cannot read property getcontext of undefined".Can you help me (once more)?

Salut Xavier!
How nice to hear from you again. Yes, I fondly remember meeting you ten years ago at the Constructionism conference in Paris, and then being in touch ever after.
Did I break some of your fantastic old projects? That should not happen. Please let me know about them and I'll investigate.

Thanks Jens. I'm very, very proud to have met you personnaly.
The way to find the problem :
SnapForum/xleroy/Mycollections/ToLookAt/140-flowers ...
error msg in fillbkg "ctx.context=img.context('2d')
Thanks you for your help.
Kind regards

Ah, I think I know that problem. It's a consequence of the new Morphic architecture affecting an old JS-function based library. If you send me the link to that project I'll fix it and then you can update the other projects with the fixed library.

You can also edit the fill background block yourself, and make sure that when it requests the image property it now has to call the getImage() method instead. That's really the whole fix: Simply replace .image with .getImage() in the JS code.

But please don't hesitate to just share the project with me, I'll be happy to fix it for you!

My project is xleroy/mycollections/ToLookAt/140-flower (credits to Jens Moening!)
The faulty block is FILLBKG

Thanks again!

ps - I had a brain damage and lost part my previous knowledge. but i'm getting better