File uploads as costumes

I would like to be able to upload files to Snap! without opening a file manager. This is particularly important on my school chromeOS, as it does not have a file manager at all, making Snap! unusable.
Another solution, in this specific case, would be to support using for cases where the files are blocked by CORS.

Can't you drag the file onto the Snap! window?

no, my school's chromebook does not have a file manager.

One question,
You've said you have not a file manager. But when you want to "open, import..." a file, I guess you can use your Google Drive space, can't you?

If so, you can use this "drive space" to store xml Snap! files.

Anyway, this is the same problem that you will have with any other application: opening text files, templates...

Pro Tip: You can also drag pics from other websites - and even hyperlinks to pics on the web - out of the browser directly into Snap! where the other website's server allows it (in their CORS settings).

For example: Our own costumes are freely accessible in your browser here:

Just drag any of those links into Snap! to get the costume (or, the same also works for sounds).

Does that help?

No, because most servers don't allow anything.
I do have a file system, but not a manager program.

We can’t rely on 3rd party CORS services. They’re all too unreliable. And I would never rely on one hosted on Heroku since that’s a violation of their terms. (We used to run a CORS proxy on heroku and it was abused.

How do you access files on other sites that you need to upload files to?

Other sites have a [browse] button.

Oh! I see. Can you use then”Import” button in the file menu? That can import anything from libraries to costumes etc.

Oh1 where does it say that?