File system _


Currently incomplete.

yes I know joecooldoo made one here (which is why I added an underscore to the title)--this is a from-scratch project.

Interesting. Do you have any potential applications in mind?

I guess an OS...but there are like tens of OS's on Snap!.

Or you could do a DDLC-esque game. You modify the game files and it does weird stuff.

That's what I was intending, but it can really be used anywhere it would make sense to be used, and some places it doesn't make sense to.

I've added creation and deletion of files and folders.

I added getting and setting the contents of files

Edit: And of their names.

Can you add help menus for the blocks?

Eventually I will, but not at the moment.

I added FILE, FOLDER, and ROOT blocks. FILE returns a file, FOLDER returns a folder, and ROOT returns the "name" of the root folder, which, with my current pathname type, is just an empty string. I made them so you don't have to use LIST blocks when setting the filesystem.

ok nice