File only loading on one device

I have an assignment I have to submit, but I can only access it on my desktop. Emailing a Link to my teacher doesn't work (it displays the project but nothing is visible on there). None of the code is being shown anywhere but my computer and I was wondering how I could fix it.

Did you share the project?

What I mean is, when you click open, select a project, there's a share button. When you click that button, it asks you if you want to share the project. This makes the project viewable by anyone who has the link. If yo publish it, anyone can find the project on the snap homepage.

When you share the project, or open a shared project, the url should update. Copy the url and share that link.

I did. I can access the whole project and share it to other people but the other people who view my project can't see the progress I had made.

What link are you sending them? Are you sending them this link?

or something that's similar to this?

If you're sending them the first link, then they will not get the project. If the link is similar to the second link (ProjectName will be different), then they should be able to access it.

i am sending the bottom one, but it does not show my work

Huh, are they getting any errors?

Can you share the link with us

Not sure, but this is supposed to show a hickory dickory dock nursery rhyme.

Its supposed to show a hickory dickory dock nursery rhyme

The link wotks for me. I get what you said it was supposed to be.

Work for me too

works for me as well

Its not complete, it should animate a whole nursery rhyme, but It doesnt show up.

The link you've posted does what the code in it tells the mouse to do.

Which is to end up at the side of the clock pointing upwards.

This doesn't match up with what you said the problem was in your first post so it is a bit confusing as to what your problem fully is

  1. Do you have a more complete version of your project.

  2. Do you have it saved on your computer?

  3. Do you know how to save it to the cloud and then share it so it can be opened from the cloud?

  1. I do have a more complete version of the project, it isn't showing the full project even though I sent the link for it.

  2. Yes it is saved to my cloud.

  3. I do

Is the more complete project saved with a different name?

If not, then you might want to reupload the project.

If yes, then send the link to that project.