File Manager Blocks Without Javascript

I made some blocks using the SciSnap! library to interact with the file manager.
Also it doesn't need javascript

This is.. amazing

This is super useful! Thanks!

Interesting that the write block lets you include the filename in the block, but the read block opens a system file dialog. If anything I would have done it the other way around, for security reasons.

I can't really control that considering that this works using a library I can't modify

So... do it? Its your library

Also it should open up a file uploader dialog for both imo

I don't think it's his library. Lemme check.

No, I know, I was surprised that SciSnap! works that way.

ok lol

Not really. It's probably just using standard file saving/loading standards. When saving a file, the user can set in the settings if they want to choose the destination of a downloaded file, or not (the latter just puts it in the specified directory, usually the downloads folder.). When the setting to choose the location of a downloaded file is turned off, it just skips the dialog and downloads it. Don't worry, chome, and probably other browsers, have a system to keep malicious sites from downloading tons of files. If it detects more than one file being downloaded, the browser asks if you want to allow the site to download multiple files. Also, the option to include a filename when downloading the file, helps the user know what file they downloaded, otherwise, their downloads folder might look like this


And snap does use a default filename when downloading projects, costumes, sprites, script pics, and everything.

Reading a file makes sense to not include a filename. There's no way to be able to load a specific file off a computer without the user specifying the path. That's what the dialog is for (and it's also to keep malicious sites from loading random files off the user's computer without their knowledge). I'm guessing the file that gets reported, also includes the filename of the opened file.

Now, when opening a file, I think scisnap should include the filename, and metadata (in a dictionary).

That makes sense. I was imagining that a program could overload some important file on the user's computer, but if it's limited to the download directory, I guess that won't happen.

They wouldn't even be able to override any file. Usually, if a file already exists, it just adds a (n) to the end of the filename.

What he said, but also it only downloads as a txt file, a simple text file, so it shouldnt damage any system files

OK I guess that makes sense! Thanks.

I didn't say "system files"; I said "important files." I have many .txt files that I would be sad to lose.

oh, whoops sorry