Features the snap team could add

Just immigrated from scratch its too toxic over there Lgbtq vs Conservatives stuff like that.
Snap team could you add a feature that allows you to comment on other peoples projects? Thanks

"processes post" OH MY WORD YES!!!!

That has been suggested before, and it is on Brian's "When Things Slow Down™" list. (The team has a lot on their plates, but they want to add those features.)


Welcome to Snap!

Report that and it will be taken down. Scratch is strictly opposed to any anti-lgbtq content

I'm pretty sure that goes the other way. The ST doesn't tolerate politics in general on the site. (That includes possible anti-conservative talk.)

Debateable, here’s the community guidelines. You could extract both these meanings from this

Scratch Community Guidelines

Scratch is a friendly and welcoming community for everyone, where people create, share, and learn together. We welcome people of all ages, races, ethnicities, religions, abilities, sexual orientations, and gender identities. Help keep Scratch a welcoming, supportive, and creative space for all by following these Community Guidelines:

Treat everyone with respect.
Scratchers have diverse backgrounds, interests, identities, and experiences. Everyone on Scratch is encouraged to share things that excite them and are important to them—we hope that you find ways to celebrate your own identity on Scratch, and allow others to do the same. It’s never OK to attack a person or group’s identity or to be unkind to someone about their background or interests.

Can we just end the argument here?

Was about to say that

I think you meant to cite

I tried that on a few of my projects where people commented derogative slurs and...it didn't work. The only way I got them to shut up was by deleting the comments. Sure, it works, but SCRATCH TEAM, WHY?!

[Edit by bh] No, we're not having that discussion here.