Featured project meaning?

So, I decided to take my time looking through the "Featured Projects" on the Snap! homepage, and I found one of my projects(my Counting Sheep meme(UPDATE) project, which is still being constantly updated), and was wondering what that meant....so, What does it mean if your project is a Featured project?

(I know, there apparently wasn't a "Small question topic" so, I had to do the "Help with Snap!" topic, because I didn't know what other topic to put this in)

I feel so dumb asking this.

......is anyone gonna tell me what it means if your project is a Featured project?

It means that a Snap Team member decided it was very good and a lot of people should see it, so they put it on the Snap front page.


Exactly like in Scratch... lol

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Congrats on having your project featured!

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