Feature requests please

Can you guys at snap add these blocks to snap! 1. imaginary numbers 2. A thing for interacting with the morphic API but in block form(bh or others would probably say no because you could just interact with it yourself) but I feel that you could do a lot of things with it 3. Some blocks for helping with stuff possibly libraries for collision and also creating our own extensions using js

Can't we just make a category and call it an extension? If your category has a lot of blocks then you can make a sprite and put all the blocks in them. Then when somebody exports your sprite, the blocks go with it.

Huh I didn’t think of that? Okay!

  1. Check out Snap's native BigNums library.
  2. Check out the JavaScript Function block.
  3. This is stuff you can very much check the forum for.

Where is bignums though

I'm sure it's there somewhere. Keep looking! I've seen it there before, so it can't be gone.

I found it! Thanks for your help and everybodies else

BigNums is in the libraries menu. The library is called "Bignums, rationals, complex #s."

EDIT: Nevermind, looks like you found it.

That's already a thing

Oh thanks

Thank you I just followed through it!

If it's off topic then can't we just start a new topic? If you already made a topic then please link it, I'd like to try that when I can.

Brian helped make (or made, I'm not sure which) the getters/setters lib. I don't think he'd be mad with a morphic lib. Also, I think SciSnap! has a morphic part.

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