Feature request: Adding block sections

I think it would be really useful to be able to create extra block sections (other than list, pen, etc.). There could be a button to create different sections, and to give them a specific colour. That would be really useful to order custom functions.
I suppose it would make it a bit difficult to look through the code if someone created a lot of them, but it would make it easy to sort out custom functions that didn't fit into any other section.

What are your thoughts?
Thanks! @biran4454

Oh, and it would probably help if you made a separate category in the forums for feature requests, instead of 'bugs and feature requests'.

Yes to both. We need the ability to add sections to support extensions such as NetsBlox. And yes, this section is getting really crowded.

:) OK, thanks.

Great! You made an extra section. That's tidied things up a bit :)

Support! I will use it in games.

I don't think we need Supports in the forums yet, but you could add suggestions to the suggestions.
There's so little forum posts that i think saying support doesn't help much.