Feature Request: Account Save Data

We already have a feature for saving to your local storage. But if we have snap accounts, with a few workarounds, maybe we can make a system where you can save data that can load when you're logged in to your Snap! account.

Now, I don't know how we would be able to do this, because I know nothing about websites and crap. I don't know if it's even possible. But it's a nice idea.

smooth brain :smile:

Could you explain a bit more what your after as it's not clear (at least to me)

he's talking about the [scratchblocks] username [/scratchblocks] reporter but in snap

There is no technical problem with letting people store things other than projects in our cloud. But we are reluctant to do that, because people would start using us like Dropbox, and we can't afford it. Our server costs come out of Jens's pocket.

Nevertheless, we'll eventually expand cloud storage to include the kinds of things you can export from Snap!, i.e., sprites and block libraries. That just isn't first priority right now.

Thats understandable. It was a nice thought though. Good to know you might can export sprites n stuff at least.

why not..?

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