fast obj loader

i made a fast obj loader :smiley: loading is a little slow tho in my opinion Snap! Build Your Own Blocks

Wow. You should show this at Snap!Shot. No kidding!

yeah, this is really impressive! Please submit a demo for Snap!Shot.

For some reason, when you go past the object, it will turn upside down. I just find that funny.

@jens @bromagosa this is simply a remix only adding a wrap block. This original was featured at somepoint.

I thought so. It was featured when I first joined Snap!

I believe this is a remix by the same original user. It's an improvement over their first obj loader.

yeah, I found the original obj loader Snap! Build Your Own Blocks and it is by the same user, it is slower, but that's because it renders the faces, not just the wireframe.