Every time I read this thread I visualize Mickey Mouse making infinite numbers of brooms.

I have no idea what you mean.

Sorry. Look up "Fantasia." It's an old Disney film, one that even film snobs like.

This? (only occurrence of the word "broom" in the Wikipedia article)

Search for "fantasia sorcerer's apprentice" on youtube.

Sorry, but I can't use YouTube; it uses too much data.

Bummer! How do you watch movies? You could probably find Fantasia on DVD...

It might be on Disney+

Oh, I'm sure it is, but if the problem is bandwidth, I'm guessing all streaming video is out.

I'm not sure what bandwidth is, but what I'm referring to by "data" is a smartphone's hotspot data.

Data ÷ time. Bits per second. A one-minute video has (all else being equal) the same bandwidth requirement as a full-length movie. Your cell carrier probably charges for total data transferred, but also probably limits your hotspot bandwidth (so you don't let the whole world use your hotspot).

It's my mom's, actually.

I had to read this a few times to understand it.

How fast data is transferred