Fake word generator

This post about bigrams inspired me to make a word generator of my own. Play with it here!
Some coincidental existing words I've gotten from it:
man, lever (twice), sand, pet, bin, pour, and, job

What? How does this work?

Edit: Nevermind, I've just realised is not an AI as I thought.

Not really an AI but...

It uses a which is not really an AI as you said.

awesome! my favorite was

i wasn't sure if this was a klingon phrase generator but it sounded too nice! other times i thought it was a generator of science fiction names, places and things!

Yeah, I was thinking about that as I made it.

AI can be a very loose term.

The best part is when you set it to a giant number and you just get jibberish.

The same thing happens if you set it to a negative number.
Also, welcome to the forums!

That's not entirely random, because it will be more weighted to the first number depending on the creativity you chose.
Also, the untitled script pic (99) block at the beginning just determines how long the word will be.

Does creativity mean that it uses AI?


Not necessarily. Fine, I'll remove all uses of the word AI, even though it makes it a lot easier to say that.

I think it is a program that tries to make sense of the word.

me when the is are the a and the ugh

That sentence makes no sense.

point is the that

I somehow ended up with "wanderere"; i did not set a creativity level whatsoever (it was blank) meaning weight was not involved in the equation. This is very close to an existing word, "wanderer".

Off topic (Because I forgot)

@joecooldoo where is your raycaster block thing on Snap? I need it for a test but I can't because I can't find it and can't remember the project.

When you set it to a negitive number like -5, it goes insane

I did a creativity of 5 and I got "jaerm".
"tina" 5
"akonnlp" 3