Fading Pentrails?

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Please explain, sorry, I just really need fading pen trails for a project and can't seem to figure it out

i think he is saying you can make fading pen trails by stamping a transparent version of the pen trails over the existing one.

i mean at like the end of the pen drawing thing (mi no english today)

You know how in google slides, when ur in presentation mode, and u select "laser pointer", and you move the cursor around and a little bit of the end of the point stays for a few seconds before starting disappear?

For the laser pointer effect you'd make a bunch of clones and have each one fade itself.

For the complete pen trails, you'd have to
untitled script pic
and then do the ghost effect thing. Oh, and use CLEAR (in Pen) to erase the actual pen trails so when the sprite ghosts out you see an empty background.

ok, thanks

why add it to the costumes? you could just do
switch to costume (pen trails)

Yeah I guess.

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