Fade Test

Press "i" to fade in normally.
Press "o" to fade out normally.
Press "i" and "q" at once to fade in quickly.
Press "o" and "q" at once to fade out quickly.

Interesting project, but you have "in" and "out" backward.

@theeric132 why don't you just make on thread to post all your projects?it'd be so much easier to do then making noise creating ten million new threads a project.

I disagree -- then we end up with unmanageable threads with hundreds of posts.

In the reasonably near future (but don't hold your breath, not that near) we should have comments on project pages and then we'll probably shut down this category altogether.

I'm already holding my breath

@theeric132 nice job :)

(XD I thought I wasn't able to mention people anymore)

please don't add filterbots
@theeric132 good job

or add mutes attached to those things.....