Extra Math Blocks

I made a few blocks for extra math functions/conditionals

link: Extra Math Blocks

a b
a b
a b
a min b
a max b


Nth Root ( _ _ ) - The Nth Root of a number (args: n, num)

Frexp (JAVASCRIPT): From ibm.com: " The frexp() function breaks down the floating-point value x into a term m for the mantissa and another term n for the exponent . It is done such that x=m*2 n, and the absolute value of m is greater than or equal to 0.5 and less than 1.0 or equal to 0"

PI and Euler's Number reporter blocks
Log function with variable base
Floor division block

Atan2 function

Good job. By the way, all of these blocks are built into snap, just right-click on any of the comparison blocks ( = < >), then click relable. The min/max reporters are under the math blocks relable (+ - * /)

bruh :frowning:

Try making a log block where you can choose the base.

Ok, I took the code from Program to compute log a to any base b (logb a) - GeeksforGeeks and adapted it to Snap! blocks, but it still works.