External Library Loading Features

It is available in the offline editor to load any library but in the online one it is not available. Can snap dev add loading library from the computer. Only saving the library is available loading external library is not available

I think if you run the offline in its own webserver, then it would proably be simple to modify Snap! to look for the libraries on it.

But if just running Snap! directly, then it would be a much bigger job.

Is this for running in an educational environment or just on a personal machine?
This part of the code shows how it checks for local enviroment.
Maybe it could be modified to test if running on local webserver as well and then shift to using looking for the files on there?

Or maybe it'll just work - I've never tried running it on a local webserver -maybe it just works in that case?
off to try and set one up ....

Just ran a local node,js webserver and the libraries are available as normal

I deleted the local varaidic-reporters library and got this

so it is using the local files and not going out to the berkeley site for them

Thanks for your immediate response

:page_facing_up:> "Import..." doesn't fit your needs?

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