Export sounds

I found that we can export costumes using primitive block, and i found that extremely useful, but i couldnt find the same thing for sounds? Is it not possible to export sounds yet?

Right-click on the sound (on the Sounds tab) and choose Export.

I meant exporting using block

Oh. Sorry. You can do it if you enable Javascript when you run your project. Various people have projects that can do file I/O. @joecooldoo , for example, I think,.

No, I use libraries from other people. Except for the exporting file and importing file loophole I found with the SciSnap! library.

Ah, could you point to one?

Well, isn't that what we're talking about?

Here: File import library by @pumpkinhead.

Yes, but the OP wants to export sounds, and the loophole sets the file extension to .txt by default, which is why I didn't share the link in the first place.

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