Export / Save As folder / directory

Is there a way to configure Snap! to use a specific folder (sub-directory) in Local Storage, without having to specify it every time? Right now, it always uses Downloads, and that's not what I want. More specifically, Export uses Downloads, whereas Save As (after the first time) gives me only the chance to rename the file, not control where it will go.



Try https://www.howtogeek.com/231002/how-to-change-the-chrome-download-folder-location/.

What I would prefer, ideally, is the ability to configure a separate download folder only for Snap!, and not everything else I download with Chrome.

I don’t believe we have a way to control that. You might be able to find an extension that lets you do this.

that's your browsers settings. Go to your browsers settings, then go to the downloads section (it might be in the advanced section), there you can customize where downloads are sent to, and if you want to make a save dialog appear when something tries to download (and that way you can name the downloaded file, and cancel the download before it actually starts downloading)

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