Exe won't run.

My executable snap project I downloaded won't run. What am I doing wrong?

are you using windows 10?

Hi, welcome to the forum! You made it with Snapp!?

No, I am using windows 8. It will download, but not run

What is your system architecture?

Are you opening the XML file? If so it won’t work. You will need import it into snap!.

"http://snapp.citilab.eu/" makes a zip file. The content of this file must be extracted to the local folder. Are You trying to run the extracted *.exe file in this folder? If so maybe the program is blocked by antivirus.
I've just tested a, quite complex, project without any problem.

I did import it. You mean I need to open the xml file and exe simultaneously?

Thanks. That helped :slightly_smiling_face:

The windows opens but it just shows a black screen though. Is there like a button or key I need to press?


Give it a minute, especially if you're loading a large project. If after a minute you don't see any progress, then come back here.

Well the project is like only 10 blocks. I think it is my OS